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Help, Pennies, Penny, Nickles, Give, spare change: I have tried in many ways asking for help to keep my utilities on . I really am

colleensue started this conversation
I have tried in many ways asking for help to keep my utilities on . I really am disabled and only have a very small income at this time . I am waiting on Social Security disability but that can take 8 more months so I am going to try a different approach to asking for help, instead of asking for one person to donate all I need I am asking each person who comes across this ad and reads it to send me one US nickle, heck even a US penny will do, it all adds up and if enough people send me a penny or a nickle I will be able to catch up my utilities so I do not loose my rent assistance and end up homeless. Yes this is for real, times are tough and I understand people just don,t have money to give right now, but anyone can afford a penny, a stamp, and an envelope. I give my word it will be put on utility bills and real needs such as glasses to see. Thanks and God Bless. Please No scammers, I am tired of scammers answering my ads. I have no money, can not work and no bank account, I have nothing for you to take, I will not cash checks and forward part of the money to some other person. I will not send you money to wire me money,I do not have money to do that if I did I would pay it on my bills. For those of you who will send me your spare nickels or pennies thank you so much. Have a great summer.
Send to Colleen P.
3955 Cottonwood Street.
San Diego Ca.
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Thanks for the info
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